sweet dreams, ladyjane

"I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance!" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear Father Christmas
Please may I have this girl’s feet? I promise to be extra-specially good this year. 
Thank you,
love and hope from katyjane


It has been donkey’s years since my last post! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget you all, life simply had other plans which required more attention than blogging… Just because, here is a nutshell of what has happened, is happening, is hopefully to happen ::

  • Finished high school !! 
  • Danced my first performance on pointe at the end of last year. It was The Garland Dance from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Found love. 
  • Lost love. (That hurt more than I’d have liked)
  • Got my drivers license.
  • Went on a very spectacular and spontaneous road trip
  • Started my first proper job.
  • Passed my Intermediate Ballet exam :) Woohoo!!
  • Am busy saving furiously in order to attend the Boom Festival in Portugal later in the year.
  • Been having a roller coaster-whirlwind of a time with the cat’s mother lately. 
  • Going to AfrikaBurn in April. 
  • Saving up for my tattoos…

Yea, that’s a very watered down, simplified run-down of my life’s happenings. Naturally, the details are there but that’ll just be too much and I am currently, I suppose you could say, somewhat blogging-unfit. But there we go, in a nutshell…

I hope you are well and wonderful :)

Much love and blessings